Scott Brownstone (AiiRGeezer)

AiiRGeezer is Scott Brownstone

Music of all genres from around the world is what I love to listen to and what you will hear on my shows. Independent music needs to be heard without limitations and AiiRadio has enabled me to share what I love with all of you.

If you don't like what you hear,,, give it five minutes ;)
You never know what I might play next.

Shows times:

Mondays: "The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show" 2pm - 4pm Eastern (New York) ~ 7pm - 9pm UK
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Tuesdays: "The Circle of Fifths" 8pm - 12am Eastern (New York) ~ 1am - 5am UK [Wednesday]
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Saturdays: "Saturday Flight Live" 1pm - 5pm Eastern (New York) ~ 6pm - 10pm UK
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• The Circle of Fifths is filled with mixed genre music and chat (both on AiiR and in the chatroom) oft contains musical theory and shop talk amongst listeners and chatters of all walks of life.

• Saturday Flight Live is also a mixed genre show with a high flying mixture of music to help our weekend soar.

• The Female Fronted Rock and Metal Show is filled with brilliant music with a female front / dual front coming to us from all around the globe.

Contact info:

Born in NYC
Classically trained musician from the age of four.
Specializing in all stringed instruments and the piano.
Freelance bassist and a founding member of "Crimson Steele" and "Nemesis"